Thursday, March 20, 2014

Denial is not just a river

To Egyptians, everything/everyone is open to critical examination. And then comes the phase when we start doing the hate speech and start to denigrate everyone’s beliefs. We behave as if our human race, religious faith and even political stance are superior.

It’s not utopia. People judge one another. They always will. But at least when you judge someone don’t judge him based on race, looks, beliefs or sexual orientation. None of these will ever affect you in the slightest way.

The “I’m not racist but..” behavior of most Egyptians is the reason why we’re going down. Some of us are misogynists, others are homophobes, xenophobes and the list goes on. Accept the fact that we’re all racists at certain levels. Make peace with it. And try hard to change the least thing you can do about it. But for the sake of everything that is holy please JUST DON’T deny it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You’ll like success that way

In this momentary life, yes I call it momentary life, you live speedy instants that affect your whole existence. Some people will drag you down, but they have no clue that dragging down leads to the inverse movement of leaping back up. Others will try to backup you and pull you up but this isn’t effective neither. Just focus on yourself. Free yourself out of others’ indistinguishable thoughts and words. Just you. Anything else is immensely futile. I’m a believer. I believe in God and his will but I also deeply believe that everyone is the boss of his upcoming future. You rule your future. You define it. Don’t blame anything on what it’s called destiny. Your destiny plays an absolute minor role while YOU play the major one. I believe in the power of self. I believe that telling yourself that you’ll succeed is actually what will convey success to your door. Aim higher and your spirituality will help you afterwards. You’ll like success that way.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The personal bubble

Sometimes I wish that I’ve never had any friends or relatives at the first place so that when I isolate myself in my own shell no one could ask about me. Space is needed for some people. That’s what everyone should understand and respect. Not everyone seek attention and like to be spotted in their every moment. That’s why having a watchman is optional. If you have the slightest uncertainty that you may gig or disturb someone’s serenity by asking about them, then simply do not. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care. It just means that you know that person too well that you don’t need to make out of yourself the clingy kind of person he doesn’t like. Whatsoever, being a good buddy doesn’t require asking constantly about the other person. All it takes is to grasp when you should be silenced and when you shouldn’t. So just be aware of the so-called “personal bubble” and don’t invade it.image

Friday, March 29, 2013

The silent echo

There’s an echo in the voice of the serenity.

It comes and it flows with fastidious people.

You don’t know why you surrender and listen to its fantasy.

But the issue inflate bigger and your doubt grows deeper.

So elementary, just for the sake of prejudice. 

Sounds extraordinary but it’s hiding loads of vagueness.  

Meanwhile the echo kept on resonating even  more.

In the ambiance of this nature, like an infant in a choir.

How to do not waste the glow when the scarcity is here?

Your predictions are getting low, the anticipation is near.

You can rehearse the feeling of not feeling at all.

Tell me, should it matter?  Tell me, should it fall?

How to seem so calm with noises everywhere?

The silence seems sensational more here than there. 

Tell me how to listen to the silence and avoid the anxiety?

When there’s an echo in the voice of the serenity.image

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Freedom statue is pretty self-explanatory, it is the physical expression of a person’s release from either physical or imaginary chains. A universal statement that would be recognised by everybody on the planet.

Nothing more inspiring than staring at it. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Under the rule of SCAF

Egyptian medias kept hinting at dark conspiracies by unnamed foreign powers. I went to Tahrir square and spotted “foreign fingers”, as the regime called them. 

But I didn’t know they’d be injured…




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It’s dirty. Such a dirty land. It’s the land where dirty people go. People are dirty, streets are dirty, animals are dirty, buildings are dirty, everything is just dirty. Dirtiness rules. That land’s dirtiness laid down a whole new definition for the word AWESOME. Yes, awesome. Maybe not for you, not for her, not for him, but at least for me. I find it awesome in all senses of the word. I realized the mirthful truth of my love for this dirtiness lately. No matter how embarrassing this may be to admit, It still gives me chills every time I think about it. I love this dirtiness, for some unknown reason. I love this land.